CASH: live lessons in your home - payment must be made in cash at or before the lesson. Consider paying ahead for several lessons.  

PAYPAL: Payment for lessons, classes or trips can be made through your PayPal account. Please send payment to this email:

CREDIT CARDS through the PAYPAL SITE: see above

PERSONAL CHECKS: Payment for any class or trip can be made via personal check. Mail to                    

Darla Bair                                                                                                      1910 Old Philadelphia Pike                                                            Lancaster, PA 17602

Please always include the dates for which you are paying

in the "note" section of the PayPal site or on the memo line of a check

MISSED and CANCELEd lessons

  • If you are an "in person" lesson and are sniffly, call me the morning of the lesson.  We will revert to an online lesson.
  • If you do not show up for a lesson, please pay for the lesson.  My time and my expertise are what you are paying for.  
  • If you must cancel a lesson, please do so before 10:00 am the day of the lesson.  Illness, of course, is an exception - we cannot predict when we will fall ill. 
  • If I must cancel a lesson, I will offer times to re-schedule. 
  • If I do not show up for a lesson (unresolved tech issues, for example), your next lesson is free.