Currently accepting new students - piano/keyboard


Chording, note-reading, Music Theory, playing by ear, playing by reading the notes - you have arrived!

Lessons are taught live in your home in Lancaster County, PA or worldwide through a virtual platform

What you need -

Virtual lessons - good quality microphone and camera on a laptop or tablet.  I use Skype, Zoom and Facetime for lessons, whichever is most appropriate for the student.

Everyone needs a piano or digital keyboard that has 88 touch-sensitive keys and at least one foot pedal


Playing the piano relieves stress, improves hand-eye coordination, builds creativity, enhances physical and mental health, can improve performance in other areas of life, builds self-awareness and esteem, and, in adult students, can fight loneliness and arthritis.

"I teach many adults in their 70s and 80s, and I begin children as young as age four, with students of every age in between!" ~ Darla

"The most intricately and perfectly coordinated of all voluntary movements in the animal kingdom are those of the human hand and fingers, and perhaps in no other human activity do memory, complex integration and muscular coordination surpass the achievements of the skilled pianist."

~ Homer. W. Smith From Fish to Philosopher

Thinking about it, but Not quite ready to jump in yet?

Text, call or email me, so I can answer your questions and we can chat about your options.


Piano Playtime begins at age four. I require a parent to join in on the lessons and to follow through with repetitions between Playtimes.

20 minutes/$20/virtual

30 minutes/$30/your home

~ once a week ~


Half hour lessons begin at age 6. Parents are required to sit on lessons until age 7. Once I meet your child and determine their learning style, I will select appropriate materials.

30 minutes/$25/virtual

60 minutes/$50/your home

~ once a week ~


Older students want to have a say in what style of music they play. I agree! We'll make sure the basics are in place, then take whatever road your teen needs.

60 min/$45/virtual

60 min/$50/your home

~ weekly or twice a month ~  


Covering all basic skills and techniques will lead you into playing familiar music, both pop and classical.

30 min/$25/virtual

60 min/$45/virtual

60 min/$50/your home

~ weekly or twice a month ~


My teaching style is like my living style - a mix of solid methodology and boisterous creativity. "If there is a right way to do something, learn how to do it the right way." And then if you want to change it up, do it YOUR way!

I teach a combination of classical piano form and what I call Functional Piano. Every student learns five-finger patterns (pentascales), scales, key signatures and proper technique. But, after hearing legions of adults say they had studied piano for many years as a child and can't play a thing anymore, I developed what I call Functional Piano. Functional Piano allows you to sit at any keyboard instrument, without your books, and just make music! You may experience the same joy as you see in a child who has just learned Chopsticks or Heart and Soul. 

You can expect that I will encourage you onward to something you think you cannot do. I will laugh with you during your lessons. I will watch and listen when you tell me the direction you want to go with your skills, and I will help you achieve your goals.

If you are a child, I will give you skills and techniques to allow you to make that choice once you are musically mature enough to do so. I use lesson method books to give you a sound foundation of skills and techniques, and I use masses of supplemental material that I deem appropriate for each student.

Many students play duets - either with me or with another student. There is much to be learned from duet-playing that cannot be learned when playing alone.